A hidden cistern opens up a variety of creative layout choices and saves space. If your customer is short on space or appearing to give their bathroom a slick, minimalist feel, a toilet cistern that is hidden is an option worth considering.


The toilet, combined with the kitchen, is the most frequently employed room in any house, yet it’s usually among the lowest. This can be particularly important in units and flats, which have found major decreases in size recently.

Hidden cisterns have been the favorite option in commercial spaces including shopping centres and hotels, pubs; yet, aesthetic appeal and their advantages now are actually becoming more highly sought after in residential toilets across the country.

Style is top concern for architects and customers equally while prices, relaxation and functionality are significant, and with no layout features that are appropriate a merchandise is not going to be set.

With hidden cisterns, after fully installed, whatever you see is the flush plate, making a clean, slick appearance, which can be quite definitely on purpose with common styles in flats and houses around the state. Flush plates installed some distance away, or can be attached to the cistern. They come in many different colours and designs to complement virtually any toilet layout and cisterns that use a distant flush button are perfect for those who have special needs or for people that have limited freedom because they’re mountable suitable.


With continuous developments in technology and innovation, the dynamics of toilets flush in modern times has drastically enhanced, meaning these kinds of cisterns operate just as economically as a standard cistern.

Although this frequently isn’t the situation there’s a general understanding that hidden cisterns are consistently more expensive or complex than standard cisterns. Ease and the price of setup, in many scenarios, is not unlikely to be similar with what you’d anticipate with the exposed coupled cistern. Provided your decision to install a cistern that is hidden is made ahead of the walls it’s comparatively straight forward.

When we brought over hidden cisterns to Australia “ we spent lots of time working optimum setup options out for them. Because unlike conventional cisterns, they go in the wall we faced some complexities. With cisterns that are exposed all you’ve got to do is provide wall socket and the water, joined to floor or the wall.

It’s so crucial that you get the setup correct because significant issues can appear with it being behind the wall and ensure its trouble free.

There’s also a perception that hidden cisterns will be harder to obtain and service than standard cisterns (especially because they’re embedded inside the wall), although this matter’s largely unfounded if your customer is selecting for a reputable brand. Generally, these cisterns are made with ease of servicing quite definitely in mind, and a hidden cistern can be usually serviced by a licensed plumber .

Geberit Cistern

Geberit has gone to install over 60 million cisterns globally since establishing the first hidden cistern in 1964.

Geberit supplies architects independence of layout, allowing for the creation of modern, sleek and elegant toilets. With 30 colour choices and more than 10 different button layouts there’s a means to fix satisfy any bathroom.


All Geberit cistern have a 4 or 3 star WELS standing, and a double flush system help significantly reduce water use and can be paired with any authorized wall or back to wall toilet pan of exactly the same standing.

Viega Hidden Cistern 2 Geberit

According to the scenario you could have it top or front managed which is exceptional to the Geberit under cisterns that are counter. All cisterns are WELS come and rated for yours and your customers with 10 years producer’s guarantee ’ peace of mind.

Once setup is complete you see is an extremely refined and flush plate.

25 years spare part supply availability, an extended 10 year guarantee ensures peace of mind. Geberit additionally supplies technical support to on-going job support to ensure successful and easy setup, in addition to architects for facilitating the specification procedure.