One of the areas in your home that could probably have asbestos is the roof. tells why you need licensed asbestos roof removal experts. If you are planning to hire one, here are a few important things that you need to know about asbestos roof removal.

The Danger

One of the risks of having asbestos at home, regardless where it is found, is mesothelioma or asbestosis. This disease is extremely rare and it targets the lungs. The condition is characterized by pleural plagues and shortness of breath. It has been attributed to the demise of numerous deaths over the past few decades. The appearance of the signs and symptoms vary from one person to another. However, experts say that it usually happens between 15 to 25 years after exposure. This risk of contracting this health condition starts with the inhalation of the microscopic asbestos fibers, which are released into the air when the area with asbestos is disturbed. It can also be caused by mishandling as well as wear and tear of that certain part of your home.

The Process

Asbestos roof removal is a must if it has already been proven that your home’s roof contains asbestos. Doing so will protect your family from life threatening conditions like mesothelioma and even lung cancer. With the help of an expert, this dangerous material could be removed properly from your house. You also do not have to worry. Since the work will be conducted by a certified professional, you know for sure that it will be done properly and efficiently.

There are several advantages associated with asbestos roof removal. Apart from keeping your family safe, getting rid of asbestos will improve the aesthetics and value of your house. You will appreciate this once the time has come that you finally decide to sell your property. Provided below is a list of the things that a professional will do as they carry out the asbestos roof removal service.

  • Wearing of suits, masks, gloves, and shoe covers for safety purposes.
  • Signs will be put up stating that asbestos work is being carried out.
  • Spraying PVA glue to the roof before starting the work. Doing so will help encapsulate the fibers to prevent them from being “stirred up” upon the removal of the roof.
  • Removal of the sheets.
  • Wrapping the sheets in builders plastic and securing them with a tape.
  • All packs of wrapped sheets are removed from your home.
  • Ceilings will be vacuumed to remove asbestos fibers from your home’s ceiling activity.
  • Your yard will be cleaned.
  • Asbestos debris will be removed.

Homeowners whose roofs are plagued with asbestos may decide to have them removed. However, there are other available options in case you do not want your roof to be taken out. For instance, there are preventative measures that could be implemented to restrict the risk of exposing yourself and your family to asbestos. But, the most recommended option is to have the roof with asbestos removed and replaced with a new one. If you want to get an asbestos roof removal, be sure to choose a reputable service provider. Find a reputable company that is known to specialize in this kind of service. They must be experienced, skilled, and trustworthy.