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Easy flush Direct, which includes a shut off control valve linked to an infrared detector, can help to scale back water waste whilst improving washroom hygiene standards. When the Easy flush Direct detector is activated, by holding one’s hand near the detector, with no need to contact the top, the valve is actuated and opened for 2-35 seconds, furnishing water to flush the WC direct from the mains supply.

Without cistern there isn’t any time delay throughout refilling. This means part or another full -flush can be activated instantaneously.

During times of low demand when the washroom should not be in use, prevent the concept upward, and the Easy flush direct system also provides a hygiene flush, to take care of the cleanliness of the WC and keep odors.

Completely compliant with WRAS and Water Laws accepted, Cistermiser supplies work Easy flush Direct with 2 approaches, to go well with WC uses that are diverse. Easy flush Direct Wave, that is run by the best man bringing their hand in the direction of the infrared detector, and Easy flush Direct Walkway, supplying an alternative flushing system and is activated when the individual stands up or leaves the cubicle, with added flushes activated by his or her hand.

The Easy flush direct valve is fitted using a flow regulator that restricts its cost that was circulating to 100litres per minute. This ensures there isn’t any splashing from the pan or the threat of an unsuccessful flush – resulting in water wastage. The infrared system is fitted with ninety plum and one hundred twenty five plum regulators; with a one hundred plum trivial reachable to alter the speed that is circulates.

Due to The versatile temperament of the device plus numerous advantages in its water economy advantages, hygiene and ability for high demand, it is a breakthrough resolution for all those trying to cater for high ability washroom traffic. Programs embody leisure services, sports activities and leisure sites as well as schools – washrooms in all those regions normally find an excessive, extreme demand at special occasions comparable to half time, periods or rest time”

Business History

Cistermiser making a variety of good quality cost efficient, water surroundings favorable goods for more than 30 years and have been designing. Its first product, a hydraulic urinal flush control valve in 1976 was developed by the company at a period when there happen to be no rules stipulating that companies needed to minimize water consumption within the washroom. The need to preserve water and boost washroom hygiene is the key driver of Cistermiser’s on-going backing in product development that is simply out.

Low pressure derivatives of the hydraulic valve were developed through the 1980 s in relation to the firm added Comb mate, its first house merchandise, a lime scale avoidance system to its range in 1987. Financing in R&D led to the occasion of electronic applied established a business sciences and the whole urinal flush control valve while in the Infrared washroom management and the early 1990s. Recently, the business’s product portfolio has grown into every area of the washroom with all the inclusion of a WC flushing system, a mains-flushing urinal control, a whole anti-vandal range plus a sequence of faucets that were infrared.

At present the Cistermiser name is synonymous with dependability and quality and has turn out to be a common term for a great many urinal flush controls. Our product range has developed to offer additional versatile set up assortments and fiscal savings to utility and water. We furnish alternatives for commercial, industrial and public sector washroom environments where hygiene security and price reductions are needed.